Custom Orders

Custom orders are always welcome. We can design patterns and do some color matching for your customized dinnerware, lamps, etc.

Commemorate a wedding date,anniversary or other special event/occasion with our custom commemorative patterning. We incorporate individuals initials and event date into the decoration on any desired piece we produce.

Available glaze colors include: Cherry Red, Neon Red, Sunset Red, Cranberry Red, Royal Purple, Larkspur,Dk Heather, Orchid, Light Kelp, Light Kiwi, Romaine, Emerald Bay, Holiday Green, Seamist Green, Peacock Green, Bluegrass, Aqua, Light Turquoise, Turquoise, Caribbean Blue, Galaxy Blue, Neon Blue, Ocean Mist Blue, Lemon, Harvest, Barque Gold, Cornmeal, Butter Toffee, Black, Shale, Grey, Driftwood and White.

For object dimensions and current prices, please click the following link:
Dimensions and Prices pdf

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Neon red filigree teapot Neon red filigree mugs Mugs with floral band in red and purple Floral band teapot in red and purple Serving bowl floral band
Festiveware with light kiwi and filigree footed bowl Inkwash Moon teapot in federal blue and clover, festive with light kiwi, and filigree footed bowl Footed bowl in federal blue Detail of footed bowl in federal blue Festiveware with Inkwash Moon mugs in federal blue and clover
Grouping - Inkwash Moon in federal blue and clover Inkwash Moon mug in federal blue and clover Detail of teapot Three Tree scene mug 16oz Detail of Three Tree scene mug
Inkwash Moon teapot in cranberry Detail sun side of Inkwash Moon teapot Detail moon side of Inkwash Moon teapot Three Trees teapot Three Trees teapot and mug
Alohaware platter Alohaware salad bowl Pencilware Cowichan Bay Ware Cowichan Bay Ware detail
Salad bowl Picnicware Salad bowl Picnicware detail Salad bowl Picnicware Salad bowl Picnicware detail Merridale bowl
Detail of Alohaware Red Sun platter  Alohaware salad bowl Alohaware embossed dessert bowls Pencilware