Lifeboats and Journey Boxes
Each box is designed, constructed and decorated by hand on Vancouver Island. Each box can embody its owners' needs. Often they are used as a spiritual instrument. At other times they simply function as a container, beautifying its surroundings.

Personally, these journey boxes came out of a personal shift, a search to gain perspective, healing, a need for sorting and a sense of well being as the changes came.

May these creations encourage you on your journey, whether it be hopes for the future, reconciling with the past or used as a holder for special keepsakes or memories. Cherish your experiences, your life! You are on your way!

Life Boats

These boats came out of a personal rough patch. Everyone could use a life boat in this ever-changing world. These boats are meant to rescue, be hopeful and hold treasures. Perfect for succulents or small collectibles.

For object dimensions and current prices, please click the following link:
Dimensions and Prices pdf

My journey continues... I explore, observe, participate and respond!
Susan Whitham


Cylindrical Box grouping Matte Blue Box side view $50 Matte Blue Box top detail $50 Matte Blue Box grouping Blue Matte Box with Pearl $65
Red Clay Box $65 Raku Fired Box with Ornate Lid $65 Red Clay Pitcher and Wave Box Wave Box $60 and Ornate Lid Box $60 Bronze Box with Ornate Lid $60
Bronze Delight Turquoise Crackle with Embossed Panels $65 2 Boxes $60 and $65 Wave Box $60  
Black Moon Box $65 Black Moon Box - detail Island Life Detail of Island Life  
Aqua gemstone life boat $35 Butterfly Lifeboat $40 Copper Patina and Red Clay Lifeboat 4x14x3 - SOLD Green Lifeboat $45 Lava Life boat $48
Lifeboats Group Hope Life Boat $45 Shell Anchor Life boat $45 Aqua gemstone life boat $35 Shell Anchor Life boat $45 - top view
Red Lifeboat $45 Lifeboats with Succulents Pearl Life Boat, Private Collection