Boxes and Ornaments
Each box is designed, constructed and decorated by hand on Vancouver Island. Each box can embody its owners' needs. Often they are used as a spiritual instrument. At other times they simply function as a container, beautifying its surroundings.

Personally, these journey boxes came out of a personal shift, a search to gain perspective, healing, a need for sorting and a sense of well being as the changes came.

May these creations encourage you on your journey, whether it be hopes for the future, reconciling with the past or used as a holder for special keepsakes or memories. Cherish your experiences, your life! You are on your way!

The Ornaments are hand crafted and hand painted on Vancouver Island BC. to be enjoyed on the tree or in a window!

For object dimensions and current prices, please click the following link:
Dimensions and Prices pdf

My journey continues... I explore, observe, participate and respond!
Susan Whitham


Raku box $85 Raku Box detail Carnival Box Island Life Detail of Island Life