All dinnerware is handcrafted and painted with lead free glazes. The mugs are manufactured in the USA and hand painted in our studio.

Each dish is microwave and dishwasher safe, but not particularly recommended for conventional oven use. Wedding registry is offered.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are always welcome. We can design patterns and do some color matching for your customized dinnerware, lamps, etc.

Commemorate a wedding date,anniversary or other special event/occasion with our custom commemorative patterning. We incorporate individuals initials and event date into the decoration on any desired piece we produce.

Available glaze colors include: Cherry Red, Neon Red, Sunset Red, Cranberry Red, Royal Purple, Larkspur,Dk Heather, Orchid, Light Kelp, Light Kiwi, Romaine, Emerald Bay, Holiday Green, Seamist Green, Peacock Green, Bluegrass, Aqua, Light Turquoise, Turquoise, Caribbean Blue, Galaxy Blue, Neon Blue, Ocean Mist Blue, Lemon, Harvest, Barque Gold, Cornmeal, Butter Toffee, Black, Shale, Grey, Driftwood and White.

For object dimensions and current prices, please click the following link:
Dimensions and Prices pdf

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary
Pablo Picasso


3 Trees in Red $35 Assorted Bettyware Mugs $35 Assorted Mugs $35 each Assorted Word and Quote Mugs, $35 each Bettyware Mug aqua gemstone and burnt orange $35
Bettyware Mug violet copper patina $35 Bettyware Navy and copper patina $35 width= Beverage Tumblers Maroon and Navy Beverage Tumblers Navy $30 each Beverage Tumblers Wave, Violet and Lt Green
Dinerware Mug navy $35 Eat well travel often and look within $25 Embossed Floral Mugs $35 each Embossed Floral Mugs Violet and Lt Green $35 each Embossed Floral ware Mugs $35
Embossed Pattern Mug $35 Embossed Quote Mug (we'll know it when we know it) Embossed Word Dessert Bowl $28 Embossed Word Dessert Bowls $25 each Embossed Word Mug and Dessert Bowl
Embossed Word Mug Black and Red $35 Embossed Word Mug Faith and Hope $35 Embossed Word Mugs $35 each Filigree in Red - Mug $35 Plate $25 Filigree Mug and Plates in Red
Filigree Mug aqua and Lt green $35 Filigree Mugs many colour combos $35 each Filigree Mugs Navy Filigree ware Mug and Bowl Forest Series Mug aqua $35
Forest Series Mug teal $35 Islandware Islandware Bev Tumblers Matte Blue Lt Green $30 each Islandware Cereal Burnt Orange $30 Islandware Cereal Copper Patina and Violet
Islandware Mug $35 Islandware Mug Burnt Orange $35 Islandware Mug Cobalt Islandware Mug Incredible Black Islandware Mug Robin's Egg Blue
Islandware Mug Violet Islandware Server $35 Large Soup Bowl $28 Matte Blue Mugs More Mugs $30 each
Oasisware group Oasisware Mug and Dessert Bowl Oasisware Mug and Old Diner Series Mug Teal Oasisware Salad Bowl $65 Oasisware Salad Bowl - inside view
Old Dinerware Mug $35 Om Ware Mugs $35 each Pasta Bowl Plate, Neon orange and Lt aqua, 11 in. $30 Sandwich Plate Matte Blue and Lt Green $28 Special Order Beverage Tumblers and Mug, SOLD
Xmas Trees Red Medium Server $35        
Med server bowl $30 SCW mugs $30 each Festiveware grouping Pasta Bowl Neon orange, $30 Pasta Bowl Neon orange, $30 - detail
Alohaware mugs $35 each Alohaware soup bowl $28 Betty Ware mug $28 Betty Ware mug black and red $35 Betty Ware mugs $28 each
SCW lg mugs $30. each SCW mugs embossed words $35 Tearose and grape grouping Footed bowl in federal blue Detail of footed bowl in federal blue
Cowichan Bay Ware